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An organization is an entity in a customer's organizational hierarchy. For example, a state, a district, and a school are organizations. An organization must exist in the system before that organization can participate in testing or test-related activities. 

The organizational hierarchy provides a backbone or a framework that gives structure to the data that will be stored in the system. For example, all students, administrators, and teachers in the system must “belong” to an organization. Only after the organizational hierarchy is built can student data and user accounts be uploaded. For this reason, building the organizational hierarchy is one of the first tasks.

To learn how to manage organizations, see Manage Organizations

Report NameReport displays...Report ParametersField Names
Enrollment Count Entered and derived enrollment counts
  • Organization 
  • Organization Type
  • Test Administration
  • Organization Name
  • Organization Code
  • Subject Groups
  • Subjects
  • Computer-Based-Test Count
  • Computer-Based-Test Count Registered
  • Computer-Based-Tactile Graphics Count
  • Computer-Based- Tactile Graphics Count - Registered
  • Computer-Based-Read Aloud Count
  • Computer-Based-- Read Aloud Count - Registered
  • Paper - Regular Print
  • Paper - Regular Print - Registered
  • Paper - Large Print
  • Paper - Large Print - Registered
  • Paper - Braille
  • Paper - Braille - Registered
  • Paper - Read Aloud
  • Paper - Read Aloud - Registered
Enrollment Count Status - Participation StatusParticipation status by organizations
  • Contact Type
  • Organization 
  • Organization Type
  • Test Administration
  • Organization Code
  • Enrollment Count  Status
  • Enrollment Count  Status Changed Date
  • Enrollment Count  Status Changed By
  • Participation Status
  • Participation Status Changed Date
  • Participation Status Changed By
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Type
Organization Count Number of organizations by type, including the number participating and not participating
  • Organization
  • Test Administration
  • Organization Type
  • Count
  • Inactive/Closed
  • Participating
  • Not Participating
Organization - Testing Capacity Assessment - TotalTotal organization testing capacityOrganization
  • Parent Organization
  • Organization
  • Total number of Students
  • Download Speed with Proctor Cache
  • Download Speed Direct to Pearson
  • Approx.Devices Supported with Proctor Cache
  • Approx. Devices Supported direct to Pearson
Organizations StatusThe selected organization's inactive, participation, complete, and enrollment count status.
  • Enrollment Complete: No or Yes
  • Inactive/Closed: No or Yes
  • Organization Type: State, district, School, - depends on the customer's organizational hierarchy
  • Participating: No or Yes
  • Participation Complete: No or Yes
  • Organization Name
  • Organization Code
  • Parent Organization Name
  • Inactive/Closed Changed Date
  • Inactive/Closed Changed by
  • Participating 
  • Participating Changed Date
  • Participating Changed By
  • Participation Completion
  • Participation Completion Changed Date
  • Participation Completion Changed By
  • Enrollment Count  Completion
  • Enrollment Count  Completion Changed Date
  • Enrollment Count  Completion Changed By

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