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You can update the test administration tied to a student record.


You must remove all tests tied to that student record before you register the student. You cannot unregister a student if tests are assigned. 


You can choose to read or watch the instructions below.

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If you have access to more than one administration, select the administration to which you want to register the student.

  1. From Setup, select Students.

  2. Type the student name into the search field, and click Search.If the student record was previously created, you must select by Ignoring to view the unregistered student registrations.

  3. Click the checkbox next to the student. 

  4. Click Select Tasks, select Register Students, and click Start. 

  5. Select the information to update the registration.

    1. To remove a student from the selected administration, deselect Register under the student's name.

  6. Click Save.

What's Next?

 After registration, you can...

Assign students to paper or online tests, assign accommodations, place them in a session, and enable them to test. (info) Required steps vary by program.

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