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  1. Pre-Testing Widget

    Each widget on the Home page dashboard contains links to more detailed information, depending on your role. For example, you can click the number of Registered students to see the Districts to which they belong. Then, click the number of schools in that district to see its Schools. Then, click the number of students in
    Pearson AccessJul 30, 2020
  2. Password/User ID Help

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ You can reset your password and/or request your user ID at any time. StepbyStep ReadIt200.png (Click iconphotoRGB .png … Password.PassID8.png What's Next? (Optional) If you forget your User ID, you can request it. Click Forgot Username.PassID9.png Enter your email address.PassID10.png
  3. Edit a Session

    within a specific test session. PreID Not Locked indicates that Pearson has not created the preID labels for those students in that test session, and you can edit their session details. PreID Locked indicates that Pearson has created the preID labels for those students in that test session, and you cannot remove those
    Pearson AccessAug 06, 2020
  4. View Session Data

    Session details include the session name, administration, test, testing mode (online or paper), start and end date, and more. Prerequisites Confirm your role and project under your name, and your district or school in the Organization dropdown. If you have access to multiple projects or organizations, click each dropdo
    Pearson AccessJul 14, 2020
  5. Generating PreID Barcodes

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ You can generate PreID barcodes to create labels containing unique numbers that identify each student and/or test assignments. You can print and apply the labels to answer documents. This matches the scanned answer document to the student and test assignment in the system
  6. PS700s - accoms.csv Errors

    if header labels and header length do not match. PS720 Error: Record not loaded Required field, 'Customer Code' is missing Update the Customer Code column … in the student file. Review the student ID for accuracy, and confirm that the student record exists in the students.csv file and Pearson Access. PS722 Error: Record
    Pearson AccessAug 03, 2020
  7. Re: Resources

    would prepopulate or just prepopulate?
    Pearson Access / … / ResourcesJul 28, 2020
  8. Numberline

    , click Create Item and then the Elements tab. Under Response Interactions, click on the plus sign next to the label Number Line in the left panel. General In this section of the Number Line module, you indicate the numerical values that label the number line’s hash marks, which hash marks are labeled, and the number
    Pearson AccessJul 31, 2020
  9. Test Platform Training - TN8-v10_Final 11-4-14.pptx

    , the minimum requirement will be noted. To view the results in PDF, click Print Friendly. NOTE: This step can check the version of Java installed but cannot … the results. Again, you can click Print Friendly at any time after the check has completed to print the results. Creating a TestNav Configuration This should
    Florida Information / … / Florida InformationJun 25, 2015
  10. PA_URM1.13.pdf

    breakdown. Projects can be configured to include all or some of these user roles. User Role Organization Levels (labels vary by project) Permissions Administrator … , edit, and delete test sessions ● Administer tests (print test tickets, update student test statuses except Do Not Report) ● View, create, edit, move, and delete
    Pearson Access / … / User RolesAug 03, 2020