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  1. Password/User ID Help

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ You can reset your password and/or request your user ID at any time. StepbyStep ReadIt200.png (Click iconphotoRGB .png … Password.PassID8.png What's Next? (Optional) If you forget your User ID, you can request it. Click Forgot Username.PassID9.png Enter your email address.PassID10.png
  2. Generating PreID Barcodes

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ You can generate PreID barcodes to create labels containing unique numbers that identify each student and/or test assignments. You can print and apply the labels to answer documents. This matches the scanned answer document to the student and test assignment in the system
  3. Test Platform Training - TN8-v10_Final 11-4-14.pptx

    , the minimum requirement will be noted. To view the results in PDF, click Print Friendly. NOTE: This step can check the version of Java installed but cannot … the results. Again, you can click Print Friendly at any time after the check has completed to print the results. Creating a TestNav Configuration This should
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  4. Infrastructure Readiness Guide_09072017.pdf

    Authorization Tickets, Seal Codes, and PreID labels. This section also provides instructions on how to start, monitor, and stop sessions in the Training Center … . At the bottom of the screen, click the down arrow by “Find by Name or ID” and choose “Find by Class.” 5. Search for and select the class(es) to be added to the session. 6
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  5. InfrastructureReadiness Guide_2018.pdf

    , managing student assignments for sessions, and printing Student Authorization Tickets, Seal Codes, and PreID labels. This section also provides instructions … screen, regardless of the scheduled start date and time. 4. At the bottom of the screen, click the down arrow by “Find by Name or ID” and choose “Find by Class
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  6. PerspectiveOnlineUserGuide_20160609.pdf

    and assignments, and select the instruction format (for example, video or print) that best suits an individual student’s need. The user guide was created for online use … your email and password, and click Log In. Families and Students Enter the Assignment ID or the Learning Locator. Click Go! Log Out To log out of the system
  7. FL PAN Training v13.pptx

    print student authorization tickets in different formats. Note you can only Download Resources on a single session. There are 4 different views for the Student … in the Reports section. Reports Published Reports Information about assessment results When available they can be viewed online, downloaded and printed Published reports
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  8. Access Testing Materials

    the initially allotted time period. You can print the proctorextended time code. Proctor Test Ticket Contains the username and password for proctors to access online tests when they are assigned to read the test aloud to students. Schedule Session Lists of all test sessions within a test administration. You can print
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  9. Test Platform Training - PA_Pearson v11_Final 10-17-14.pptx

    Details Session Details Actions: start and stop a test session print Student Authorization Tickets and/or seal codes proctor cache test content print a Session Roster … details. In the Session Details screen, you will find most of the test administrator’s functions. From this screen, you can start and stop a test session, print
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  10. Student and Registration Reports

    Last Name First Name Middle Name Local Student code Test Organization Name Organization Code Session Name Status Type Irregularity Date Reason Label Reason code … Warning Type (Missing Teacher ID Number) Student Name Student Code Field Warning StudentOrg Enrollment Name StudentOrg Enrollment Code Back to the top