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    : Create a Session and Edit a Session to include information for paper testing User Role Matrix to remove merge temporary student permissions from Test Coordinator … Accommodations Create, Edit, and Delete a Temporary Student Merge Temporary Student with a Permanent Student Record Track Shipments Updated: View Dashboard
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  2. Use Operational Reports to Find Students

    , select Students & Registrations AND Online Testing, because related information is found in both categories. PAsupoperationalreportscategories You will be shown … PAsuplimitedfeature If you are looking for any and all students who fit a specific category, such as students who are registered for a test but who
  3. Accessibility Tools and PNP Profile

    tools are made available during student registration. Zoom Students can zoom in (up to 500% in TestNav 8.14) and out on a test page, using one of the following … of the page or in the userdropdown menu. Accessibility Tools via Registration After you register students and set access for accessibility tools, students may use
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  4. Edit a Session

    You can edit a session to update session details including session name and testing schedule and add students to the session. Prerequisites Confirm your role … within a specific test session. PreID Not Locked indicates that Pearson has not created the preID labels for those students in that test session, and you can edit
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  5. PA_URM1.11.pdf

    , District, School For all test types: ● Create, edit, and delete test sessions ● Administer tests (print test tickets, update student test statuses except Do Not Report) ● View, create, edit, move, and delete students ● View Shipments page and shipping details ● Hand score responses ● View and download reports Test
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  6. Create a Session

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ ♦ You create a session to set up a virtual student group that will test at the same time. Sessions require specific details. Some vary by customer. To read more, refer to Description of Session Details. Some programs provide an option to create a session via Student Registration
  7. Manage Enrollment Counts

    On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ Effects ♦ What’s Next? You can enter enrollments (counts of student registration data) to order materials, such as test booklets for paper tests. Enrollment counts refer to the number of students that will be taking the test. Enrollment counts for most organizations are calculated
  8. Assign/Unassign a Test

    registration, you can provide the information on a document as specified by your program. The file can then create the student record within the system. StepbyStep … On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ You must assign a student record to a test to place it in a session. Pearson recommends that you assign
  9. MCAS Reference for the PearsonAccess Next Online User Guide

    PearsonAccessnext is the online test management system Massachusetts uses to administer MCAS. It is used to manage: User accounts Student registration Test … managing users in PearsonAccessnext and loading a Student Registration Import. To find quick start guides, go to the MCAS support center
    Massachusetts InformationDec 07, 2017
  10. Delete an Organization

    registrations. See the What's Next section on the Register/Unregister a Student page. Remove all students from the organization by either: Enrolling students in another … to a higherlevel organization than the organization you want to delete. You must first delete user accounts and students associated with the organization. Click