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  1. Enter Monitor Scores

    On this page: General Information ♦ Feature availability varies by program. You can enter monitor scores to compare the scores entered by teachers and test proctors. This helps you to monitor the accuracy of score entries. This task is similar to handentering scores; however, these scores are entered by a noninvolved
  2. View Scan of Test Paper

    On this page: General Information ♦ Depending on your testing program's specifications, you may be able to view paper test scans after the paper test is processed. After these scans are created, you can download PDF files. It may include the: Entire test booklet. Demographic information only. Performance item
  3. PearsonAccess Next - Florida

    Test Assignments Between Students Restart a Session Undo Student Test Submission Florida does not use the following features described in the user guide: Enter Scores for Alternative Student Tests Change Password for an Online Session Enter Monitor Scores View Scan of Test Paper Proctor Test Tickets Set Section Start
    Florida InformationSep 12, 2018
  4. Recently Updated

    and LEA tab to View Data page Teacher hand scoring test statuses to the Student Test Statuses page Press Enter to search instruction to all StepbyStep page … table Import Roster Data to include accoms.csv file in download folder Updated: Create a Session and Edit a Session to include information for paper testing
    Pearson AccessApr 02, 2020
  5. Assign/Unassign a Test

    On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ You must assign a student record to a test to place it in a session. Pearson recommends that you assign a test at the same time that you Create a Student Record and Register a Student. Prerequisites For paper tests, if student data isn't entered through a student
  6. Manage Paper Tests

  7. Student Test Statuses

    If a student could not submit the test, an authorized user marked the student's test complete to submit it, and make it available for scoring and reporting. Submitted for Scoring The test is complete or marked complete and is being scored. Void If irregularities occurred during a test session, an authorized user can mark
    Pearson AccessMar 17, 2020
  8. Test Types

    in Session Mgmt Multiple Units to a test Standard A test that is scored and reported on its own and not related or dependent on another test.TestTypes1.png Yes … to provide a single score. Yes No Yes Strict battery A multiunit test that has the same attributes assigned to all units. The units are typically delivered
  9. Test Platform Training - PA_Pearson v11_Final 10-17-14.pptx

    Session List Download. Create Test Sessions Click the New Session button. Enter a session name and select a school. Enter the remaining session details. Required … want to add. Click the Save button after entering all session details. Create Test Sessions Continued A proctor caching computer should be selected from
    Florida Information / … / Florida InformationJun 25, 2015
  10. Hand-Scoring Administrator

    PATHS.png HandScoring Administrator Support Test Administrator Support pages apply to users with test administratorrole permissions. General Support Teacher Hand Scoring Student Test Statuses pearsonaccess
    Pearson AccessMar 31, 2020