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Due to Covid-19 restrictions, many students must test from home. Click the link below to install TestNav on your home computer or device only when directed to do so by your child's school.

Set Up TestNav on your Home Computer or Device

TestNav 8 Online Support provides system requirements, instructions for setup, troubleshooting steps, and information on features and demos.

The Getting Started checklist below outlines the high-level process for setting up your test TestNav testing environment. Click the links within the steps for detailed instructions. You can also download a printable PDF of this page by clicking Tools > clicking Tools Export to PDF. 

For a general overview of TestNav features, see Features and Demos.

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Quick List


The user guide was created for online use. For the best reading experience and the most up-to-date information, we recommend using the online version.

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Getting Started

  1. Review TestNav System Requirements and firewall/port settings .

  2. Ensure that each testing computer or device meets minimum requirements and accurately reflects these settings.

  3. Decide whether you will use browser-based TestNav, installable TestNav, or a combination of both.

  4. Browser-based TestNav

    1. Choose your browser, and go to the (link to site).

    2. Review and implement browser-based specific requirements.

    3. Run SystemCheck on all computers.

  5. Installable TestNav

    1. Download the app for each device.

    2. Run SystemCheck on each device.

  6. for testing devices. 

  7. If using ProctorCache, review review ProctorCache System Requirements an , and then install ProctorCache on designated proctor caching computers.

    1. You can run SystemCheck again after you install ProctorCache to gauge testing capacity.

    1. Pre-cache test

    content through
    1. content through your assessment management system. Your program should provide instructions for pre-caching test content.

  8. Complete infrastructure trial in each testing lab using a practice test. Your  Your program should provide instructions for setting up a practice test through your assessment management system.


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Download TestNav

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Follow TestNav

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