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Extra Table Properties

placeholderEnter your search criteria.

You must enter group data into the system before you link student tests. Adding groups also helps you more efficiently find student tests. You can:

  • Add a group of student tests to a test session, rather than individually locating each student test.
  • Filter any search results by the group.

You add group data through either a PearsonAccessnext file import or manually through user interface (UI) data fields.

Import a Group 

You can Import/Export Data files to simultaneously add multiple groups to PearsonAccessnext

Enter a Group

You can also manually enter groups through the system's UI data fields - typically, to add a single group. This most commonly occurs when you need to quickly add a group. 

When you manually add a group, you must individually perform tasks (that the group import would have automatically completed) to ensure the group is available.

Complete the tasks below to finish manually adding a group to the system:

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