Recently Updated

This page lists recent updates to Pearson Access Online Support. Reference this page periodically for the most current support changes. 




Updated User Role Matrix to add the following permissions for each role:

  • Administrator to view Shipments page and shipping details
  • Test Coordinator to
    • Mark summative and interim tests as Not Tested
    • View Shipments page and shipping details
  • Test Coordinator - Interim to mark interim tests as Not Tested


  • Track Shipments to include
    • Screenshots with hyperlinks to carrier websites
    • Option to view shipments to Pearson
    • Note regarding the common carriers and the correlating codes
  • Your Account to include a note with instructions for a user who is not authorized to view data


Added support page Move Student Between Sessions






Updated Create a Session to include adding multiple classes to Sessions details and creating the Testing Schedule


Added support pages:


  • View Dashboard to include details about additional statuses that will be included and/or excluded on the various dashboard widgets
  • Access Testing Materials to include Section Progress information in step 5

  • Student Test Statuses to include descriptions for Void, Do Not Report (DNR), and Not Tested statuses
  • Monitor or Change Student Test Status to add

    • Top section for Session Details monitoring sections of the UI, including updated screenshot

    • Void, DNR, and Not Tested Statuses to the status table

    • New section, Update Status to DNR with specific state-level admin instructions 

    • Check dashboard note to What’s Next?

  • View Student Data to add screenshot with updated Status column


Updated Monitor or Change Student Test Status, Student Test Statuses, Create a Session, and Edit a Session to include details around paper test sessions.


Updated User Role Matrix to add permissions for managing temporary students, and marking tests Void, Do Not Report, and Not Tested.


Updated User Roles Matrix to clarify interim reporting permissions and upload paginated PDF for download


Updated User Role Matrix to reflect:

  • Summative test permissions for Test Coordinator - Interim
  • The addition of a Student Data Administrator role for Fall 2020


Changed name of Import Updated Data page to Import Roster Data


Monitor or Change Student Test Status page:

  • Updated Students in Session bar graph screenshot
  • Added expandable list of student statuses with their corresponding colors



Updated Administrator Support with buttons to newly added support pages




Updated user role matrix on User Roles page to include teacher permissions for summative testing


Added links to recently updated Reporting pages on all applicable landing pages


Added the Teacher Hand Scoring page

Added Your Account, Resend Account Activation Email, and Contact Pearson Support pages


Initial publish of Pearson Access Online Support