Student Tests Complete

Each widget on the Home page dashboard contains links to more detailed information, depending on your role.

For example, you can click the number of Registered students to see the Districts to which they belong. Then, click the number of schools in that district to see its Schools. Then, click the number of students in that school to see student details.

 Export data to a CSV file...

You can also export the detailed information to a .csv file as shown in the example below:

  1. Click Export to CSV above any list when clicking through details from a widget.

  2. Open the exported file to view and format details.
The system marks a student test complete when the student clicks Submit Final Answers in a TestNav test, or when a test administrator marks a student test complete within Pearson Access.


Select your administration and grade to see subjects and counts/percentages of completed and not completed tests for each.

From this widget, you can access student and session data for Completed and Not Completed Tests:

  1. Click (or tap) either Completed or Not Completed to view schools and student counts for each.
  2. Click a number in the Students column to see the students' details and session name.
  3. Click a student name or session name. If a student unenrolled, the system displays only the student's first name and Unenrolled in the ID column. You cannot click that name or ID.

    • If you click the student name, the system displays his or her details, classes, sessions and links to any available reports. You can click a class to see class details. You can also click Session List to manage session details.

    • If you click the session name, the system displays editable session details, a Students in this Session bar graph/filter, and a Student List with options to manage the session.

To view a general Dashboard and widget overview, see View Dashboard.