You can start a session to make a test or test unit available to students in the session. Then, you can unlock the test or unit to give a student access to it.

(info) The PearsonAccessnext page view can appear differently depending on test type and session status.


Prior to this step, an authorized user may need to print test tickets and seal codes (if your program requires it).


You can choose to read or watch the instructions below.

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  1. From Testing, select Students in Sessions.

  2. Click Add a Session.

  3. Type a session name into the search field, and click Search.

  4. Click the checkbox next to the session, and click Add Selected.

  5. Click Start Session.

  6. Select the dropdown to unlock a test (unless auto unlock is enabled):

    • For an individual student

    • For all students

    Select the dropdown to unlock a unit of a test:

    • For an individual student

    • For all students

What's Next?

    1. From Testing, select Students in Sessions.

    2. From the Session List, select a session with In Progress status.

    3. Under the student list Answer Input column, click Launch Test. You cannot launch a test for students with a Complete or Marked Complete status.

  • You can, then, sign in to TestNav, and click Start Test Now.

(Optional) When a test session is In Progress and students are testing, you may want to lock some student tests/units of a test. You can lock the test/unit for all students or for an individual student.

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