If you are creating user accounts for both training and operational sites, read the Related Information on Manage Users first.

You can specify the dates on which the account begins to have access to the system and when the account no longer has access to the system. If you specify a date range, the user can log in only during the date range specified.

There are two methods of creating and editing users.

Option - Import a File

You can import a user file to add new users or to update or replace existing users. This process is commonly done for additions or changes that involve multiple users as described in Import and Export Data.

Option - Enter Details Directly

You can enter user details for a new user or edit the details of an existing user directly within the system.

  1. From Setup > Users, search to find the user(s) you want to edit, or click the down arrow next to the Search button, and click show all results. Select the user(s) you want to edit. If you want to create a user, this step is unnecessary.

  2. Open the task list and select Create / Edit Users and click Start.

  3. If you are editing, select a user from the list at the left of the page. Enter or make changes to the user information and click Save. If you are creating, select Create Users. Enter the user information and click Create. 

  • When you enter an email address for your new user, the username for that user will be set as the email address. This is true even if you entered a username previously. You can change the username after you enter the email address, but you must do so before you click Create.
  • For Email Delivery Failures, click here.

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