Error codes below relate to TestNav Desktop auto updates:

Error NumberError MessageAdditional Info and Instruction
12001The update site URL is not correct. 
12002The URL to the config file on the update site is not correct.
12003The config file is corrupted.
12004The config file is corrupted.
12005The config file is corrupted.
12006The wrong config file was downloaded.This error happens when the major version of the launcher (1.4 for example) does not match the major version in the config file (1.5 for example).
12007The update files on disk are either missing or have been corrupted.
12008The app does not have the necessary permissions to read or write to the directory where it will store update files.
12009The app does not have the necessary permissions to delete from the directory where the update files are stored.
12010There was an error downloading the update files.
12011The app is unable to write to the location where we extract the update files.
12012There was an error attempting to extract the update files.
12013TestNav was unable to start.