Make an enrollment transfer request to transfer a student from one organization to another. On approval, the student will be transferred to the requested organization.

If your program is configured to do so, the system sends an email notification to the organization from which you request the student transfer.

How to Request an Enrollment Transfer

Request Enrollment Transfer 

To request an enrollment transfer, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Work Requests, click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Request / Edit Enrollment Transfer. Click Start.

  2. To search for the student to be transferred, enter student details and click Search. 

  3. Under Change Enrollment To, select the organization where the student is to be transferred. Click Send Request.

    The student will be transferred after the transfer request is approved, as described in Authorize Enrollment Transfer.

Delete Previously Requested Enrollment Transfer 

To delete a previously requested enrollment transfer, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Work Requests, click the Work Type filter and select Enrollment Transfer. Select an enrollment request(s). 

    Click the information icon  next to a work request status to view request details. 

  2. Click the Select Tasks drop-down and select Request / Delete Enrollment Transfer. Click Start.

  3. Select the enrollment request, and click Delete. 

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