While the details needed for a session can vary for each customer, there are details often required:

Session DetailsDescription
Session NameFill this in to name the testing session according to session administration details.
Organizations/Test AssignedSelect the organization and test to ensure that you can assign the session to previously enrolled students.
Scheduled Start Date/Scheduled Start Time Fill in the date and time associated with the session. This helps with planning, but does not limit when you can start sessions.
Form Group TypeSelect a form to fine tune a test session for a subset of students that might require audio-visual aids.
Precaching Computer

Select a precaching computer to ensure that downloaded encrypted test content is locally cached for the session. If at least one proctor-caching computer is configured, you must select a proctor-caching computer.

To use Custom TestNav Settings, your organization or parent organization must have a TestNav Configuration created.