You can use the system search to find a specific record (for example, a student record, a single test session, etc.) or a larger set of information (for example, test sessions within a test administration, students currently registered for a test, etc.).


  1. Enter details.

  2. Click Search.
    You can use filters to narrow results:
    • Type keywords into the available filter fields.
    • Click Toggle secondary filters (when available) and type keywords into additional filter fields. 

      Available filters vary based on where you are in the system and how your site is set up. For example, the filters available while viewing a list of students are different from the filters available while viewing a list of organizations.

Additional Information

Wildcard - A wildcard is a symbol that tells the system to search for a common word or phrase. A wildcard can help you find a list of similar records or narrow a search for a record when you cannot recall its exact name.

Use % (percent sign) as a wildcard character for searching records. The result of a wildcard search is to return all responses that match.

For example,

  • To search for username John Smith, type: Smith%John

  • To search for all users whose first name is John, type: John%

Show All Results - To look for a complete list of records (as compared to searching for a specific record), use the Show all results option.

  1. Click the down arrow next to Search.

    2. Select Show all results.

Manage Columns - Most data entries in the system include additional information. For example, an organization listing includes its name, type, phone numbers, addresses, and more. You can choose the information to display.

  1. Click Manage Columns.

    2. Select the columns you want to display.

    3. Click Apply.

The system maintains the applied changes only during that log in. After you log out, the system reverts to default settings.