You can move student tests that are in Ready or Exited status from one session to another session. 

  • A sick student cannot continue to test in his or her originally scheduled test session.
  • You want to balance the number of students in one session with that of another session.

Session information and move requirements:

  •  A session can contain only one test form.
  • You can move a student in a read-aloud test session only to another read-aloud session.

The system assigns a new test form, unless it is configured to retain the form assignment.

You can move a student test only to a session that contains the same test form as the original session. For example: 

  • Session 1 contains Test A.
  • Session 2 contains Test B.
  • Session 3 contains Test A.

Therefore, you can move a student from Session 1 only to Session 3.


Before you move students between online test sessions, check each student's status, as described in Monitor or Change Student Test Status. You cannot move students:

  • If the student is in Active status. 
  • If the status of the session is stopped.


  1. From Testing, select Students in Sessions.

  2. Click Add a Session.

  3. Type a session name into the search field.

  4. Click the checkbox next to the session.

  5. Click Add Selected.

  6. Click the checkbox next to the student(s) to move.

  7. Click Select Tasks, select Move Students between Sessions, and click Start.

  8. Click in the Sessions search box, and select the session to move student(s) to.

  9. Click the checkbox under the session you want to move the student to.

  10. Click Move.

You can also create a session to move the student(s) to.

  1. Click Create Session.

  2. Type or select required details.

  3. Click the checkbox under the new session.

  4. Click Move.



  • Saves previous responses.
  • Resumes the test at the last viewed question.
  • Retains the exited status (until you resume the test).
  • Assigns new session resources for you to download and print again. (info) Required resources vary by program.

What's Next? (Optional)

When you move a student test to another session, the test adopts that session's locked or unlocked state. As a result, you may need to click the lock icon to unlock a test or the session.