You must prepare a session to set up test elements before test day.

The time the system takes to prepare sessions depends on how many students the session contains. Users often prepare more populated sessions well in advance.


A session must contain a student before you can prepare it. Learn how to add students in Add a Student to a Session.


  1. From Testing, select Students in Sessions.

  2. Click Add a Session.

  3. Type the session name into the search field.

    Click the checkbox next to the session, and click Add Selected.

  4. Click Prepare Session.

If you have more than one session to prepare, you can prepare them at the same time.

  1. From Testing, select Students in Sessions. See screenshot in step 1 above. 
  2. Find the test sessions. See screenshot above in steps 2 - 4 above. 
  3. Select multiple sessions using the Combined View.

  4. Click Prepare All Sessions.



  • When you prepare a session, the system assigns test forms to student tests.
  • After you prepare the session, the session status appears as Ready and the Start Session button appears. 
  • After they are prepared, you can only add students to sessions manually through the user interface, and not through the import process.