District or school program coordinators collaborate with Pearson to determine whether your program should use ProctorCache. If your program uses ProctorCache, you should refer to your assessment management system user guide for configuration information.

When you prepare to install ProctorCache, you should consider several factors, depending on your organization and technology. 

In general, you should install ProctorCache on a computer as close as possible to the TestNav client network. You can implement ProctorCache at the district, school, or lab level.

Administrator level access is required to install the software.

Your installation steps differ depending on your platform.  

Install ProctorCache

Silent and Multiple Installs (Not Supported)

Below are two considerations that Pearson does not support; however, Pearson provides this information to help you plan your installation. 

Use ProctorCache

After you install ProctorCache, you must configure it and cache your content through your assessment management system.

ProctorCache DOES NOT automatically cache test content. Before you can perform the tasks below, follow instructions in your assessment management system user guide to pre-cache test content.

Monitor ProctorCache

During testing, you can monitor ProctorCache activity from the Tests and Clients screens. You can monitor the test caching process by item in a test form (Tests tab). You can also see the proctor caching computer connectivity (Clients tab).

The Tests tab provides a high-level list of the test content downloaded by test form and last cache date. The Status column indicates whether the test content was successfully cached for the test form. The number of content entries successfully cached is also displayed with the date the content was last cached. If test content is successfully cached, a green status icon displays. If test content is not successfully cached, a yellow or red icon displays.

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The Clients tab provides a list of all clients by name, IP address, and platform, who have recently requested test content. The Status column indicates time elapsed since the client was last active.

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Refresh, Reload, and Purge ProctorCache

To perform the following tasks, be sure that you know the default or custom ProctorCache password. See details below in ProctorCache Password.

After testing, you can purge test content, as well as client information.

ProctorCache Password

ProctorCache requires a password to refresh, reload, or purge content. You can use the default password, or you can change the default password at any time using the following instructions.

Tiny link: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/x/HAACAQ