Technical Bulletin

Published June 14, 2021

What is happening?

TestNav 1.10 apps are available for download and install as of Monday, June 14, 2021. Pearson requires use of this app version beginning with Fall 2021 testing. Instructions vary depending on your operating system (OS) and previous TestNav installation.

What does this mean?

Districts must install the latest version of TestNav for use in the 2021-2022 school year. Districts may delay installation until after summer testing is complete, but must install this version before fall testing begins.

What do I have to do (and how do I do it)?

If TestNav was previously installed on your devices, see instructions below for the appropriate OS. 

  • TestNav app for Android (practice test use only), Chrome, and Windows (from the Windows store ONLY) - No action required, unless the auto-update feature is disabled. If disabled, download and install TestNav from the appropriate app store.
  • TestNav app for iOS - Download the app from the App Store and re-install.
  • TestNav desktop app for macOS/OS X, Windows (non-Windows Store), or Linux - Download from and re-install.

If TestNav was not previously installed, find instructions for your OS on the Set Up and Use TestNav page.

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