Technical Bulletin

Published February 8, 2021

What is happening?

On February 8, Pearson plans to release TestNav app for Chrome OS version 1.9.109 to fix an issue in which students attempting to start or resume a test through Student Portal encountered a white screen rather than the Start/Start Section page. This update impacts ONLY programs using Student Portal through the Chrome OS TestNav app.

Other programs with auto-updates enabled will also receive the update, but see no impact.

What does this mean?

After the TestNav app for Chrome OS updates to version 1.9.109, students can start or resume a test through Student Portal on Chrome OS as expected. 

What do I have to do (and how do I do it)?

Only programs using Student Portal that block TestNav app auto-updates must download the updated version from the Chrome Web Store (see Additional Information in the in the Chrome Web Store to confirm the updated version before downloading.

For programs with auto-updates enabled, no action is required. If you have previously installed TestNav for Chrome OS, check the TestNav home page to confirm the version number. You may need to restart devices for the version to update.

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