Teachers can use TestNav Connect to administer online tests from home to students testing from home, using video, audio, and chat during the online testing session. Students and teachers can also share their screens when necessary.


  • An authorized user must
    • Create a session (PearsonAccessnext instructions) and select TestNav Connect from within the assessment management system.
    • Start the session (PearsonAccessnext instructions) from within the assessment management system or send the test session link and password to the teacher/proctor administering the test.
  • Mac users (both students and teachers) must update Privacy and Security settings to allow Screen Recording with TestNav to screen share during testing.

Step-by-Step (Teacher/Proctor)

Pearson recommends that you limit sessions to 15 participants, including teachers and students.

  1. Paste the meeting session link into the URL bar, or click TestNav Connect from within the assessment management system.
    The Meeting ID is auto-filled.
  2. Enter your name and password into the appropriate fields on the Join a Meeting popup.
  3. Click Continue.
    See the callouts below for elements of the TestNav Connect UI.

    3a - You see every student that has signed in to the TestNav Connect session (if they have their cameras on). Student test progress also appears in each student window. Students can see only the teacher's video, after the teacher signs on. Before the teacher signs on, students see their teacher's avatar. 
    3b - A student list appears to the right. Click the icons next to each student name to turn his or her camera/microphone on or off, chat, or call that student, depending on feature availability.
    3c - Click Make an Announcement to send an announcement to every student signed into the TestNav Connect session.
    3d - When students send chat messages, they appear below the student list.
    3e - Click icons within the student windows to interact with a student or turn features on/off.
    3f - At the bottom of the TestNav Connect window, you can click icons (left-to-right) to control features within the test session. Expand the descriptions below for screenshots and any additional information:

Step-by-Step (Students)

After the student signs in to TestNav, a Devices List appears with a Preview to the right.

  1. The student can click to select options under Microphone, Camera, and Speaker, and then click Continue Test.

    The TestNav Start page appears, as well as the TestNav Connect window. 
  2. The student can click and drag the TestNav Connect window around the test page for his or her preferred view of the test.
    • Students see Please wait. The meeting will start shortly... within the TestNav Connect window, until the teacher joins the meeting.
    • Students can click Start to begin the test after the teacher joins and gives instruction for them to do so.
  3. Within the TestNav Connect window, the student can interact with features within the test session. See the callouts and descriptions below for details:

3a - The student can click the minimize icon at the top-right of the TestNav Connect window to make the window smaller or condense it to a tab at the bottom of the page. The student can click the maximize button to see the entire TestNav Connect window as shown above.

3b - When the teacher joins, the student sees only the teacher within the TestNav Connect window.

3c - A participant list appears to the right. Icons to the right of the participant list are not clickable for the student.

3d - The student can type a private message (up to 500 characters) directly to the teacher within the Test Chat section. 

    • The student can click the raise-a-hand icon to alert the teacher for help. 
    • If the teacher sends an announcement, it appears in the Test Chat section.

3e - At the bottom of the TestNav Connect window, the student can click icons to control features. From left-to-right, the student can click the:

    • Mute icon to mute themselves or turn on the microphone to speak. 
    • Screenshare icon to share his or her screen with only the teacher
    • Chat icon to close the chat section of the window or open it. Chat notifications also appear on this icon when the student has unread chats from the teacher.
    • Settings icon to open the student device settings within the TestNav Connect window. The student can click each arrow to see device options for the microphone, speaker, and camera.

If a teacher experiences a connection error or accidentally disconnects, the student may see one of the messages below.

The student can try rejoining or wait for a few minutes for the teacher/proctor to reconnect. If the student cannot reconnect, they can email the teacher for further instruction.

What's Next? (Optional)

If you experience any issues within TestNav Connect, you can follow instructions provided within the error messages. For a list of all application error codes, see 3000s - Application Error Messages.

Tiny link: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/x/hgBnAw