Bulletins appear on the ADAM Home page for specific user roles. Users with permissions to do so can create, edit, and delete bulletins for users at their level of access and lower (district, school). Use bulletins to communicate important information widely and easily.  


To add content to the home page:

  1. Select System > Bulletin Board
  2. Select Create New Bulletin 
  3. Enter bulletin details. See the callouts in the image below for descriptions of bulletin elements. 
    1. Enter a descriptive title.
    2. Enter your message and format it. You can include images, video, tables, links, etc.
    3. You can select the checkbox to pin the content to ensure it does not expire until you manually delete it.
    4. Select a date to post your bulletin and a date for it to expire (unless you pinned it).
    5. You can select a bulletin type or select None.
    6. For the Audience, select the roles to view the bulletin.
    7. You can select the checkbox to send an email to all users with the roles selected in the Audience field.
    8. If you selected the Notify Audience by email checkbox, select Send & Save. If you do not want to send an email notification, select Send..  

When users in your selected audience log in to ADAM, they see the bulletin posted on their Home page.

To edit or delete a bulletin you created:

  1. Go to System > Bulletin Board again.
  2. Find the bulletin you want to edit or delete. 
  3. Select either the Edit icon or the Delete icon.

    1. If you select the Edit icon, edit your bulletin and then select Save.
    2. If you select Delete, enter the bulletin name in the field and then select Delete.

Tiny link: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/x/FQOiBg