There are a variety of reasons you may need to change an existing test, including making adjustments for a new school year. To change the content of a test, make modifications to the form(s) that were used to build the test. For a form that has already been administered, make a copy to use for future tests so that reporting is not impacted. After any edits to the form are complete, the next step is to add it to a new test and publish so it can be scheduled as an administration.

If you have accommodation forms, be sure to make any needed edits on those as well.

  1. Go to AuthoringForms.
  2. Select the appropriate Bank.
  3. Use the search filters to locate the form. Select the Show Archived checkbox to include archived forms.
  4. On QTI Forms search page, you can:
    • Split an Existing Form: Click Clone from the more menu next to the form. Edit each form, renaming the forms to match the content and deleting the items that are no longer needed.
    • Change content of an item: If the item is editable, copy the Item Title to your clipboard, go to Authoring > Items, and then paste the title into the Item field to search for the item. Next to the item, click the edit icon to modify content.
    • Archive a form: In the Archived column, select the toggle to archive a form. Select the toggle again to unarchive the form. Archived forms cannot be selected on tests.
    • Export Metadata: Export metadata to a CSV file. Metadata fields are customer-defined, non-standard ADAM fields.
    • Upload Metadata: Upload metadata from a CSV file.
  5. To edit the form, select Edit from the more menu in the Actions column.
  6. From here, you can:
    • Remove Item: Click the trashcan icon for an item.
    • Add Existing Item in a Bank: Click the Add Items button.
    • Create a New Item for the Form: First create the item in the bank, and then return to editing the form and click Add Items.
    • Change Item Order: Use the dragger () to move an item up or down.
    • Change Settings: On the Settings tab, adjust the layout and navigation options as desired.
    • Add Metadata: On the Metadata tab, add or modify metadata. Note that only filters configured as part of the Item Bank settings can be added.

QTI Forms search page.

Form edit page.

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