User roles set up to do so can order Pearson paper test materials from ADAM. These may include kits for read aloud, large print, Braille, etc.

Manage Orders

Use the Manage Orders page to create, delete, approve or reject orders. This page lists existing orders and their status (ordered, waiting for approval, rejected). Orders cannot be edited after they are approved.

Go to Orders > Manage Orders. From here, you can:

  • Select Create Order on the top right to create a new order. You will need your Admin Code, Date Needed and a Reason For Order. You can then select the district or school to ship to and the materials you want to order.
  • Select an Order Number in the list to view or edit the details or Approve Order or Reject Order (for roles with permission to approve orders). When rejecting an order, you must include a reason.
  • Select the Updates icon to view a full history of the order from creation to approval and order sent.

Shipment Tracking

You can view shipment tracking information at Orders > Shipment Tracking. This page lists the order number, order name, the administration code, date ordered, status, number of packages, and destination. The order status is updated hourly (In Progress, Delivered, Error).

If there are multiple packages in an order, each delivery will be listed under the main order (click the Order Number to expand the list).

Click an order number to see its full history.


The Reports page lists items that can be ordered, how many have been ordered, the number waiting for approval, etc. Click the Item Details tab to see items ordered by organizations.

You can search by item number or partial description. You can filter the list by Org and Distribution. Click  Export to export the list to a CSV file.

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