leThe Performance Dashboard shows progress and performance on tests that are assigned to a program. From here, you can access the Program Report and Performance Report. The Performance Dashboard is only available to roles with permission to view it, such as district and school administrators. 

  1. Go to Reporting > Performance.
  2. Select a Program.
  3. Optionally, search for a test by name, click the Filters button to open the filters area, or Sort by test name or start/end dates.

Note: You may see different performance metrics depending on how the program is set up. This example shows the Performance Level (the primary objective defined in the program) based on Percent Correct, along with the percentage of students achieving Proficiency.

You can

  • Select Program Report to open the Program Report.
  • Click anywhere in a test row to open the Performance Report for a specific test.
  • Select the more menu for a test to go to the Item Analysis or Standard Performance tab of the Performance Report. These links are available only if the program includes them.

Tiny link: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/x/XQUgBg