This page lists recent updates to ADAM Support. Reference this page periodically for the most current support changes. 




Added new page: Create Academic Sessions


Added information about courses as a criteria option when creating administrations on the following on Create an Administration page.

Updated step-by-step instructions on Proctor an Eligibility-Based Administration page.

Added a section about viewing/filtering administrations and updated information about the more menu on administration cards on Administration Cards page.


Added the following to View My Classes page:

  • Instructions for students to access My Classes and image
  • Actions available in Test Report (Classroom Reports)

Added information about accountability codes and updated images of the Proctor Dashboard on Proctor/Monitor a Test page.

Created new pages:


Added information about search filters on Session Explorer page.

Updated information in the following sections on Configure User Roles page:

  • Rostering
  • QTI Authoring
  • Test Management
  • Reporting


Added note to Form Builder tab about the ability to add items from multiple banks on Author a New Form page.

Added information about accommodation profiles to Update Accommodations for Multiple Students page.


Updated the Define and Assign Accommodations page to include information about accommodation profiles.


Updated information and user interface (UI) images on Activity Report page.

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