Use the Quick Class Upload feature in unique situations to create a class and enroll students into the class using a single CSV file. Most classes are created through a data sync and do not require this process. For each file upload, a user with the appropriate permissions must select a specific Grade, Course and School. 

Important: Before attempting to add a class with this method, search for the class to confirm that it does not already exist. 

  1. Go to Rostering > Classes.
  2. Select Quick Class Upload in the more menu on the top right. Quick Class Upload uses a three-step process:
  • Step 1 – Generate a Roster File.
    • Select the Grade, Course, Academic Session, and School that match the class(es) you are creating. 
    • Click the Click to download template button. A CSV roster file of student downloads to your device. The template file will include students who are in the selected Grade, Academic Session, and School, but who are not yet assigned to a class in the selected Course.

  • Step 2 – Update the Roster File.
      • Open the roster file. Note that column A shows Student SSIDs.
      • Enter a class name for each student row in the class_code column, for example Jones_p3. The naming convention should help you identify these students and classes. ADAM does not look for any specific code here.

      • Save the roster file as a CSV file.
  • Step 3 - Upload the Roster File.
      • Click Browse to upload the modified roster file. You can also drag the file into the upload box.
      • Click Upload. The new classes and enrollments appear in Class Config.

If you get the "School with sourced ID xxxxxx does not exist" error message, you'll need to update the school code in the roster file.

  1. In the CSV file, format the school_sourced_id column as text (right click on the column label to highlight the entire column, select Format Cells, set the category to Text, and then click OK.
  2. Update the cell value to the 6-digit school code including the leading zero.
  3. Copy the school code value into each of the rows with data.
  4. Save as a CSV file.
  5. Reupload into the Quick Class Upload page.

Video Instruction

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