Use this page to set up ADAM and ensure that you meet system requirements for optimal use. 

This document does not contain requirements for TestNav online test delivery. For TestNav hardware and software requirements, see TestNav System Requirements and Guidelines.

Virtual environments are not supported.

Hardware Requirements




Cumulative speed greater than 233MHz 


Minimum 256MB, 50 MB of available storage

Peripherals (optional)

  • External keyboard - wired or Bluetooth
  • Mouse/trackpad - wired or Bluetooth
  • Headset or earbuds - wired or Bluetooth (only for students using Text-to-Speech)

Operating System Requirements


Supported Versions

Chromebooks, iPads

Chrome OS

72 - 105.x


12.1 - 16

Laptops, Desktops, Tablets (Windows)


10.13 - 12



Assistive Devices

ADAM supports common screen readers by operating system.


Supported screen reader

Chrome OS






Internet and Network Requirements

Wired or wireless Internet connectivity is required for all devices throughout the duration of the assessment. While there are no required bandwidth minimums, 5-10MB per second per student is a general guideline for online assessment.

Device and Network Preparation

TestNav users...

Those using TestNav to deliver online tests, see Set up and use TestNav for TestNav System Requirements and setup instructions by operating system (OS). Instructions below do not apply.

Kiosk Mode Testing

For secure tests that require kiosk mode, technology personnel must download either TestaNav (see above) or the ADAM Lockdown Browser and install it on each testing device. Those using ADAM to deliver online tests, see Install and Setup ADAM Lockdown Browser for instructions. Testing devices do not require ADAM Lockdown Browser installation if tests do not require kiosk mode.

Blocklisted Applications

To prevent the use of unauthorized software or applications during a kiosk-mode test, the ADAM Lockdown Browser automatically checks for other programs running simultaneously and prevents the test session from starting if a blocklisted application is detected. If detected, a notification appears, alerting the user to close the other programs. Examples of blocklisted applications include web and video, instant messaging, VOIP calling, social media, screen casting, secondary displays, and other programs.

ADAM URL Allowlist

ADAM and the ADAM Lockdown Browser must communicate with certain applications and services to perform properly. To ensure those services are not blocked, add the URLs below to the allowlist for your network. Access each URL to test if the network allows traffic to these sites. If you cannot get to a site, contact your district/school IT team.

System Check

The ADAM Lockdown Browser allows for pre-assessment System Checks on the testing device to confirm that the OS, network connection, and battery levels are compatible and ready for the beginning of the testing session. This pre-check can be run at any time by launching the ADAM Lockdown Browser on the testing device.

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