Teachers who have access to My Classes can score extended text items if the assessment is set up for this.  

  1. Click My Classes in the left navigation. 
  2. Select a class.  
  3. Select the Administration view.
  4. Click the assessment you want to score. Note that any assessments you created will be under the Classroom Tests tab instead of the District Tests tab.
  5. Click the Apply Scores icon on the top right; the number above the icon indicates how many students are ready to score.

  6. Click the Score By toggle to score by item or by student.

To score by item:

  1. Select a student if one not already selected.

  2. The left column indicates the item(s) that need to be hand scored; you can select which one to score first or start with the one highlighted.

  3. If available, open and read the scoring rubric.

  4. For the first student, apply a score for each trait (which may be just one generically labeled score option).
  5. Click Submit Scores at the top of the page.
  6. Repeat for additional items and students.

Tiny link: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/x/QAAnC