Logo, color and style sheets are typically set up by the Pearson Delivery team with customer feedback. Users with specific higher-level permissions can modify the ADAM header logo and branding cascading style sheet (CSS). The design applies to the entire ADAM site and cannot be changed at the school level.


As a best practice, use a transparent gif file, so you don't need to worry about the background colors. A non-transparent image will work if you match the logo background to the background color of the header row.

  1. Select System, then Client Settings.
  2. Select the Design tab. 
  3. Select the Choose a file or drop it here field or Browse, then search for the image file you want to use. You can also drag and drop and image file into the field.
  4. Select Submit.

The header logo appears in the top left of the ADAM header. 

If the logo is wider than the Navigation (navbar), the logo spans across two different background setting styles that are set in the Custom Branding CSS section.
  • This style controls the background color in the header row above the navigation panel:
    .topbar .top-navbar .navbar-header {
    background: #c0c3c7;

  • This style controls the background color in the header row above the main page area:
    #adam-header {
    background: #c0c3c7;

Update the Custom Branding CSS

Styles are set by default with a new tenant. 

  1. Select System, then Client Settings.
  2. Select the Design tab. 
  3. Edit the Custom Branding CSS as needed. 
  4. Select Submit.

If you need to revert back to the default styles, click Reset Styles. There is not a function to re-apply your custom styles after you reset the styles.

Tiny link: https://support.assessment.pearson.com/x/cwAgBg