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Before you can be an official scorer, you must score a set of responses using the rubric(s) and submit scores that consistently follow the given guidance. This proves that you have met the criteria to be a scorer. You can do this all at once or score part of the set and stop, and then come back later. This might be useful if you decide you need to review the training or practice options before continuing.

To qualify as a scorer, follow these steps:

  1. From the Educator Home page, select the grade or grade band that you want to qualify on, as described in Select a Grade or Grade Band.
  2. Click the Qualification Set tab.

  3. When you click the Qualification Set tab, a dropdown appears. Select a qualification set. 

    There are two qualification sets available. You should start with Qualification Set 1. The items to be scored are presented one-by-one. Review each response. This might require reading a paper, watching a video, or listening to audio clips, depending on the type of item you are training to score.

    To qualify as a scorer, you must pass at least one qualification set. The qualification requirements vary by grade or grade band and are as follows:

    Kindergarten Placement Test (KPT) - To obtain a KPT Qualified Administrator Code, of the 38 items you must correctly score at least 30 one-point items and four multiple-point items. You may have adjacent scores for three of the multiple-point items. There are two qualification sets available. Obtaining a passing score on either set is sufficient to receive a KPT Qualified Administrator Code. You are not required to pass both qualification sets.

    AZELLA Placement Test Grade 1 - To obtain a Qualified Writing Scorer Code, you must qualify to score for each Writing prompt. For some prompts, an adjacent score will be considered correct to meet qualification. The criteria for qualification on each prompt is described below:

    Item 1 (Papers 1-10):  9 out of 10 correct – no adjacent scores

    Item 2 (Papers 11-20):  9 out of 10 correct – 1 adjacent score

    Item 3 (Papers 21-30):  9 out of 10 correct – 1 adjacent score

    Items 4 and 5 (Papers 31-50): 18 out of 20 correct - Up to 3 adjacent scores

    AZELLA Placement Test Grades 2-3 - To obtain a Qualified Writing Scorer Code, you must correctly score 18 of 20 papers with up to 2 adjacent scores (per prompt) considered correct to meet qualification.

  4. Click to select your score, and then use the forward arrow to proceed to the next item. After you select a score, your progress is saved.

  5. When all items are scored, click Review to review the questions and scores you have already assigned. While on the review page, click any item number to go to that item. You may change your selected scores during the review.

    Then, after you finish your review, click End Test.

  6. You can view your results on the Scoring Summary page.
  7. To review your selected scores and assigned scores for a qualification set, click the Qualification Set tab.

  8. When you click the Qualification Set tab, a dropdown menu appears. Select a qualification set.

  9. The first item in the qualification set appears. Review your selected score, the assigned score, and an explanation for why the item was assigned the score. Then, for the remaining items in the qualification set, use the forward and back arrows to review the same information for each.

Related Information

Click Prompt/Rubric at any time to view the prompt and stimulus that was provided to the student and to view the scoring rubric.

Use the arrows to move back and forth between the items.

After you have completed a test, you can go back to it. When you do, both your selected score and the correct score appears above the item. An annotation explaining the reasoning for the correct score appears below the item.

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