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The scoring summary page provides detail on the practice sets and qualification sets you have scored. The status of each practice and qualification set appears along with score and certification information.

To review your scoring progress, follow these steps:

  1. From the Educator Home page, select the grade or grade band with the scores you want to review, as described in Select a Grade or Grade Band.
  2. Click the Scoring Summary tab.

  3. Review the scores, pass indicator, and certificate information for the grade and test/set. Click Print to view and print any earned certificates.

    TestThe name of the practice set or qualification set.

    Indicates the stage of activity for this set. These are the possible statuses:

    Not Started - no answers have been submitted for this set.
    In Progress - at least one score has been submitted, however, there are still unanswered items.
    Completed - this practice set or qualification set is complete. No further items can be answered.

    Correct / TotalThe number of correct answers given and the total number of items.
    Score %The percent of correct answers. The value will be calculated only after the set is completed.
    Pass?Indicates whether or not you have passed.
    CertificateIf a certificate is available, the Print link allows you to view, print, and save your certificate.
    Cert.IDWhen a qualification set is passed, a number is assigned that is unique to you. The number appears here and on the certificate.
    Has Been Reset?If a qualification set has been reset, this is indicated here along with the date it was reset. 

Related Information

If you do not successfully complete any of the available qualification sets, you can start over. Click Reset Qualification Set(s) to do so.

Your previous scores remain in the table along with a note that the set was reset.

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