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Welcome to the Understand Scoring  Online User Guide

Understand Scoring is designed to teach you about the scoring process, train you to score specific items, give you an opportunity to practice, and then test your knowledge and qualify you as a scorer. It is the online training platform for scoring the Arizona English Language Learner Assessment (AZELLA) for the Kindergarten Placement Test, Grade 1 and Grades 2-3. The Kindergarten Placement Test (KPT) qualification is distinct from AZELLA Placement Test, Grade 1 and Grades 2-3 Writing qualification. It is not required nor expected that the same individuals be qualified for both functions.

This online user guide is a continually updated document. For the most current information, we recommend bookmarking and referencing this site rather than printing.

Accessing Understand Scoring

To access the application, use this URL:

Remember always to log out when you are done with AZELLA training. When you log out, no further information is stored in your profile. When you log out, other people using the computer after you cannot access your profile and cannot affect your practice scoring progress or scores. 

Getting Started

If this is your first visit, we recommend that you start with the special information page for your program. The link to your program's special information page can be found on the login page for Understand Scoring.

To begin using the system, either log in or click Enter Educator Home from the login page. The latter gives you limited access without logging in, so you can read announcements and see the available scorer options. You will be required to log in to use any of the other application features.

The login page is also where you will find the link to the special information page for your program. This is in addition to the information contained here about the application itself and how it works. On that page you will learn about customizations made for your program and policies that are unique to your program.

  • Create an Account – This is the first step. You can only access the system if you have a user account.
  • Reset Your Password – Use this to change your password or other account details.
  • System Basics – Learn the common application features that you will use to complete your tasks.

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