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PearsonAccessnext is the online test management system Florida is transitioning to in Spring 2016.

Accessing PearsonAccessnext

To access the application, use this URL:

Using PearsonAccessnext

Refer to the most recent test administration manual and communications from FDOE for the latest policy and instructions for PearsonAccessnext. You may also access the PearsonAccess Next Online Support, however, this is a generic guide available to all Pearson customers and it contains information not applicable to Florida. See the bullets and table below for more information regarding the differences between the PearsonAccess Next Online Support and Florida policies and terminology.

Florida Policies - PearsonAccessnext

In the Manage Organizations section, steps are described to set up schools. The organizational hierarchy and organizational management are managed by FDOE and Pearson.

In the Manage Students section, steps are described for Deleting a Student. Florida does not allow student profiles to be deleted. Follow the steps described to remove all test assignments and registrations.

Florida allows the following tasks at the state level only:

  • Setting availability dates and times for Report Access
  • Move Test Assignments Between Students
  • Restart a Session
  • Undo Student Test Submission

Florida does not use the following features described in the user guide:

  • Enter Scores for Alternative Student Tests
  • Change Password for an Online Session
  • Enter Monitor Scores
  • View Scan of Test Paper
  • Proctor Test Tickets
  • Set Section Start
  • Retrieve Proctor Extended Time Code


You may see terms in the user guide that are different from what Florida uses.

User Guide TermFlorida-Specific Term
administratorschool or district assessment coordinator
PNP settingsaccommodation settings
session unlock codesseal codes
student test ticketsstudent authorization tickets



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