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TestNav usually displays this error due to network connectivity problems. Follow the instructions in the error message. If given the option, you can choose a different customer.

Verify the network connection, and try again. If you cannot connect after the second attempt, close TestNav. 

A network administrator may help you to resolve these issues by confirming the following: 

  • Network 
    • The testing machine is connected to the school's network.
    • Ethernet cables or wireless connections, routers, and switches are in place and functioning.
  • TestNavconfiguration on administrative site
    • The administrative site has the accurate IP address and port configurations for the proctor caching computer.
  • If in use, proctor caching computer
    • If in use, proctor caching computer is on and running.
    • Both ports 4480 and 4481 are open in the firewall on the proctor caching computer.
    • The testing machine is on the same network subnet as the proctor caching computer.

After you restore the connection, check the student's test status in the administrative application and reset, if needed. Then, you can resume the student's testing session and have the student log in.

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