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You must enter student data into the system before students can test (online or on paper). You add student data through either a PearsonAccessnext file import or manually through user interface (UI) data fields.

Import a Student 

You can Import/Export Data files to simultaneously add multiple students to PearsonAccessnext. Typically, when you import student data, the system automatically:

  • Adds student demographic details (name, date-of-birth, etc.).
  • Registers students in an administration.
  • Assigns students to a test.
  • Inputs test-related details (accommodations, paper material needs, etc.).
  • Places students in a session.

Enter a Student 

You can also manually enter student data through the system's UI data fields - typically, to add a single student. This most commonly occurs when you need to quickly add a student on test day. 

When you manually add a student, you must individually perform tasks (that the student import would have automatically completed) to ensure the student can test.

Complete the tasks below to finish manually adding a student to the system:

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