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You can add a student to a session(s) anytime between the initial test registration process and the actual test day.

If you cannot find a student, check that the student is registered for the test administration AND is not assigned to a different test session within it.


Before you can add a student to a session, ensure that the Session Status is not Stopped.

 How to view the session status
  1. From Setup go to Sessions.
  2. Type the session name in the search bar and click Search.

The status appears in the Session Status column.


You can choose to read or watch the instructions below.

(Click  to view image)

Add a student(s) while creating a session:

  1. From Testing, select Sessions.

  2. Click Start, select Create / Edit Sessions.

  3. Select/type session details.

  4. Under Students, type into the search field a student name, and select.

  5. Click Create. 

 You can also add a student(s) to an already existing test session...
  1. From Testing, go to Students in Sessions.

  2. Click Add a Session.

  3. Type a session name into the search field. Click the check box next to the session.

  4. Click Add Selected.

  5. Click Select Tasks, select Add Students to Sessions, and click Start.

  6. Select the session from the Session menu. 

  7. Under Find available students, search to find a specific student(s).

  8. Select the student(s), and click Add.


 The system creates testing resources...

These contain student sign-in credentials to unlock test sections.

 If you added a student test(s) to a prepared and/or started session...

The system automatically assigns the session's form and unlocks those tests.

 If you added a student test(s) to a session that is not prepared or started...

You only added the student test(s), and the system does not perform any further action. 

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