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This information is a part of Manage Online Tests.

This is one of the tasks to be done Before Online Testing starts.

Some features are only available to some user accounts. Each user account has a user role(s) and permissions associated with it. These permissions control the data the user can view and actions the user can perform. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it. See Manage Users for more information.

Your testing program will provide information identifying user roles and what each is permitted to do and see.

How to Create a Test Session

There are two options for creating an online test session.

Option - Complete Details with Create / Edit Test Session Tasks

To create an online test session, follow these steps:

  1. From Testing > Sessions, click the Select Tasks drop-down and select  Create / Edit Test Sessions. Click Start.

     Click here to view a screenshot...


  2. Click Create Session and enter the required details. When creating a test session, if at least one proctor caching computer is configured, you must select a proctor caching computer. If you set test session dates and times, the system will not use them to limit when sessions can be started. The data is only used to help you with planning.

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  3. Click Create                            

Option - Using Student File Import

Some programs provide an option to create a session via Student Registration import. Refer to your administrator to check whether you have this option.

To create an online test session using file import, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Import / Export Data, select Student Registration Import  file. 

  2. Click Process

    • The student file should specify the name of the session to be created. 

    • To create a session with Student Registration Import, make sure Don't auto-create Test Session for online testing option is not selected.

    • If a session is already created and has a status of Started, you can add or delete students to that session by importing the Student Registration file.

Related Information

  • You can either add students to the test session while you are creating it or add them to the session later, as described in Add Students to Online Test Sessions.
  • If a student is currently assigned to a test session and the Session name is changed, then re-importing the Student Registration file will not move student tests to new session.


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