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This information is a part of Manage Online Tests.

This is one of the tasks to be done During Online Testing

This page describes how to manage sections for a test with multiple sections. For a multiple sections test, you can specify a test section for a student(s) to log in. 

Tests with Multiple Sections

Depending on your program, you may have a test with multiple tests or sections. Some programs refer to these sections as units. These sections are delivered to students as individual tests, but the test is treated as a whole for scoring and reporting. 

Prerequisite for Managing Sections

Before you perform the task described on this page, select a session which is prepared and has started. To prepare and start a session, see Manage an Online Test Session page.

How to Manage Sections

Manage Sections for a Multiple Sections Test

When assigning sections to students, check their test statuses.

  • Pearson recommends that you do not set sections for students with Active Status. To assign a section to a student with the Active status, see how to Resume a Test.
  • You cannot set sections for students with the Completed status.

To manage test sections assignment, follow these steps:

  1. From Testing > Students in Sessions, add test session(s) to the Session List on the left of the page. Select a test session. If you have trouble finding your session to manage test section assignment, go to Testing > Sessions, and select the test session(s) that contain the students and return to Students in Sessions and the session(s) will be listed.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  2. Open the task list and select Manage Sections and click Start.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  3. View the sections assignments for the selected session. You can also change the session selection from the Session drop-down list at the left of the page. The Session drop-down will list all the sessions you have selected on the  Students in Sessions or Sessions page.

    There are three student section statuses:

    1. Not Started (N): Total number of students who have not started the section
    2. Started (S): Total number of students who have started the section
    3. Completed (C): Total number of students who have completed the section

       Click here to view a screenshot...

      The Current column displays the total number of students currently logged in to or assigned that section.

  4. Review the section assignment status. You can either assign a specific section to all students or make individual student section assignments. You can also use different filters available 
    1. To assign a section for all students, click Set Current Sections for All, next to a section name.  And then click Save.

       Click here to view a screenshot...
    2. To assign a section to a student(s), see the list of students in the session at the bottom of the page . For an individual student, under Current Section mark the section you want to assign. And then click Save

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