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This information is a part of Manage Students.

There are two ways to manage test assignment within the application.

Option - Assign a Test to a Student 

To assign a test to a student, follow these steps:

  1. From Setup > Students, search to find the student(s) you want to assign tests or click the down arrow next to the Search button and, click show all results.  Select the student(s) you want to assign tests. 
    You can change the Find Students setting to show students in your currently selected administration only or in all available administrations.

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  2. Open the task list and select Manage Student Tests and click Start.

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    The Generate Sample Students option is only available in the training environment.

  3. Under Student Tests, the selected students and their test statuses will be listed. Click Create Student Tests and enter the required information to create a new test for any of the selected students. Click Create.

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    The test assigned and the student test progress status will be reflected. The following are the student test progress statuses:

    Assigned: A test is assigned to the student.

    In Progress: Student's test is in progress but is not yet complete.

    Complete: Student has completed the assigned test.

    • As needed, enter or change student test information. Click Save.
    • To remove the assignment, follow the same steps, but unmark Assigned and click Save.

Option - Assign Either Students or Groups to a Test Session

To assign either students or groups to a test session, follow these steps:

  1. From Testing > Students in Sessions, click Add a Session. Enter the name of a session or use the filters to find the session(s) you are looking for. Click Add SelectedYou can add more than one session to the list.

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  2. From the task list, select Add Students to Sessions and click Start.

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  3. Select the session to which you will add student(s) or group(s) from the Session list.

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  4. Enter text in Find available students to begin searching for students or toggle the search box to search by group. Click the down arrow next to the Search button to reveal and select the option to show all results.

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  5. Select the students or groups to assign to the test session and click Add.

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