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This information is a part of Troubleshooting.

 When a new user account is created, or any of the following changes are made to an existing user account, an email is sent to the user:

  • Added an account
  • Reset password
  • Password expiration notification
  • Password expired
  • Changed password confirmation
  • Forgot username

 The system indicates an email delivery failure when an email is returned to the system as undelivered.

Errors Notification

A red flag at the top of a page indicates issues with the email delivery.

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View and Fix Errors

To view and fix errors, follow these steps:

  1. Click the flag to reveal a list, and select Email Delivery Failures to go to Setup >Users.

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    Alternatively, from Setup >Users, you can find users with email failures. Select Only Users With Email Failures under Toggle secondary filters.

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  2. Review the user accounts and make updates. Click Save.

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