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This information is a part of Manage Online Tests.

This is one of the tasks to be done During Online Testing

The following resources are available and are needed for an online test session:

Proctor Extended Time CodeAllows the proctor to add to the time allowed for a student to take a test. After this code is entered in TestNav, the student can re-enter a section and continue taking the test beyond the initially allotted time period. You can print the proctor extended time code through your browser. 
Proctor Test TicketContains the login, password, and TestNav URL that proctors need to access online tests when they are assigned to read the test aloud to students.
Schedule SessionProvides a list of all test sessions within a test administration. You can print the scheduled sessions list through your browser.
Seal Code

Needed to unlock sections of some tests, as determined by customer requirements. Each sealed section requires a different seal code. Seal codes must be used in order.

You can print seal codes through your browser.

Session Student RosterLists students and their test assignments within a session.
Student Test TicketContains the login details for students to access their assigned online tests. 

How to Access Test Tickets and Seal Codes

Retrieve Resources

To retrieve resources, follow these steps:

  1. From Testing > Students in Sessions, click Add a Session. Search for a session(s), and click Add Selected.

     Click here to view screenshots...


    Click Refresh to update the data displayed.

  2. Click a session to select it from the list. If you have trouble finding your session, go to Testing > Sessions, and select the test session(s) with the students' statuses you want to view. To see the listed session(s), return to Students in Sessions.

  3. Click the Resources drop-down and select a resource.

    • When selecting the Student Testing Tickets: 
      1. Select either of the following:

        1. Print all for this session to print testing tickets for all the students within the session.
        2. Print selected for this session to print testing tickets for selected student(s) within the session. 

           Click here to view a screenshot...

        • Select a student(s) registered in the session, and then click Resources > Student Testing Tickets > Print selected for this session
      2.  To print, select a print format and then print the testing ticket(s). You can select one of the following:

        • 1 Per Page: One student test ticket per page 
          Default selected print format
        • Multiple Per Page: Multiple students testing tickets per page
        • Grid - All testing tickets print in a grid
        • List - All testing tickets print in a list

           Click here to view a screenshot...

      3. Print test ticket using your browser.

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