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Some features are only available to some user accounts. Each user account has a user role(s) and permissions associated with it. These permissions control the data the user can view and actions the user can perform. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it. See Manage Users for more information.

Your testing program will provide information identifying user roles and what each is permitted to do and see.

Use operational reports to find PreID barcodes that are not in use because the corresponding records were deleted.

To find these unused PreID barcodes, follow these steps:

  1. From Reports > Operational Reports, select PreID Frequency.

     Click here to view a screenshot...


  2. Click PreID Barcodes Generated but no longer Used report. If a report is not yet available, or if you want a new one to be created, click Request Report Refresh and click Refresh Report.

  3. Click to download a file with the requested information.

Reports are provided in CSV format, and you can view them using a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

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