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This information is a part of Manage Alternative Assessments.

Some features are only available to some user accounts. Each user account has a user role(s) and permissions associated with it. These permissions control the data the user can view and actions the user can perform. If you do not see a specific feature, your account is not configured to access it. See Manage Users for more information.

Your testing program will provide information identifying user roles and what each is permitted to do and see.

This report summarizes the number of files of each type that have been uploaded.  

To view an evidence counts report, follow these steps:

  1. From Reports > Score Entry Reports, search to find your organization or group(s) or click the down arrow next to the Search button and select Show all results. Select the organization(s) you want to learn about.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  2. Click Select Tasks drop-down and select Evidence Counts Report. Click Start.

     Click here to view a screenshot...

  3. View the report. To download the report click Download.

     Click here to view a screenshot...


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