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Technical Bulletin

Updated June 6, 2016

What is happening?

Beginning in the 2016-17 school year, the following requirement changes will take effect.

Upcoming Operating System (OS) Requirement Changes (browser-based and installable TestNav)

Remove support for:

  • Fedora 22 and below; Ubuntu 12.04
  • Linux - 32-bit versions
  • OS X 10.8 and below
  • Windows 8.0
  • iOS 9.2 and below
  • Chrome OS 49 and below

Upcoming Browser Requirement Changes

For tests that require kiosk mode*

Add support for:

  • Firefox ESR 45 (32-bit)

Remove support for:

  • IE 11
  • Firefox 44 and below
  • Safari (all versions)


For tests that do not require kiosk mode*

Add support for:

  • Chrome 50 and higher
  • Edge
  • Firefox 45 and higher
  • Safari 9.x

*Kiosk mode prevents students from accessing any other web pages or applications besides TestNav while testing.

Upcoming Installable App Requirement Changes

Version 1.5.x of each installable TestNav app will be available at This update will be available in Summer 2016 and is required for the 2016-17 school year.


Additional Information

  • When these changes take effect, TestNav software requirements will be separated into two sections:

    • Tests that Require Kiosk Mode
    • Tests that Do Not Require Kiosk Mode
  • ProctorCache is not affected by these support changes.
  • App Check is used with all TestNav apps.


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