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To prepare your organization for online testing, you must first set up your testing environment. Requirements and procedures differ based on the devices your organization uses for online testing, as well as the software versions currently installed on these devices.

See TestNav 7.5 System Requirements for hardware and software requirements.

You can find your TestNav version in the URL or at the bottom of the TestNav login screen. You can find your Proctor Caching version at the bottom of the Proctor Caching admin screen.

Please do not make any unnecessary technology changes during an online testing administration, including applying software patches. You cannot delay dependency updates, like Java versions that Oracle requires. These updates are beyond Pearson's control; however, we make software updates as soon as possible, if a forced dependency update causes problems with TestNav.

Specific thin client and virtualization vendors have gone through the TestNav Qualification program to qualify their products to work with TestNav. For more information on the qualified products, go to Other thin client and desktop and tablet virtualization solutions of any kind are not qualified for online testing.

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