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Technical Bulletin

Created: December 4, 2015

What is happening?

The current security certificates for TestNav 7.5 and TestNav System Check are expiring. On December 16, 2015, Pearson will update security certificates for TestNav 7.5 and System Check.

What does this mean?

Starting Thursday, December 17, users may be prompted to permit the TestNav Java applet to run the first time they launch TestNav 7.5 and System Check. Browsers require this action to successfully launch TestNav and run System Check. 

What do I need to do (and how do I do it)?

Follow the instructions below for both Windows and Mac OS X.

If the dialog box below appears when TestNav or System Check attempt to download:

  1. Select the Do not show this again for apps from the publisher and location above check box.
  2. Click Run to continue to TestNav and TestNav System Check.
    This ensures that the warning screen will not appear again.

Note that Name and Location differ between TestNav and System Check dialog boxes.


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