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  1. Create a Student Record

    the record in your organization, the student record continues to show both old and new organizations, unless an authorized user removes the student from the old … On this page: General Information ♦ ♦ You can create a student record to tie a student to an organization. A student record contains biographical data
  2. Register/Unregister a Student

    . You must remove all tests tied to that student record before you register the student. StepbyStep You can choose to read or watch the instructions below … On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ What’s Next? You can register a student to add him or her to your currently selected test administration
  3. Assign Users to Student Tests

    Users search field, and click Assign to selected student tests.AssiUsStudTest6.png Click Save.AssiUsStudTest7.png What's Next? (Optional) To remove a user … On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ What's Next? You can assign users to student tests to limit the data available to that user. By default
  4. View Course Data

    that appears beneath the Course dashboard. When you click a class, the Class Details, and Student List for that class appear. PACoursesClassList.png You can also … Course data includes the course details and its class list. StepbyStep In the main menu, click (or tap) Courses. PAVidCourses.png Click a course name
    Pearson AccessApr 26, 2021
  5. Student and Registration Reports

    Test Admin PreID Barcode Number Organization Name Class Name Student Code Student First Name Student Last Name Student Middle Name Student Local Code Student Grade … Students are the testtakers within an organization. Student data refers to student demographic data and testrelated information. You (or another authorized
  6. Recently Updated

    and Manage Reporting Groups. Removed the pages Edit a Reporting Group and Manage Student Reports in a Reporting Group (the information in those pages is now contained … to reflect the additional steps needed to start precaching content by test and by sessions. February 10, 2021 Updated the prerequisites on Move a Student Test
  7. Create a Session

    . PASessionMode.png You can add students to the session by selecting Class or Grade under Add Students to Session. Add students by Class Select one or more classes … selected class. PASessionAddClassnobox.png Add students by Grade Select a grade from the Grade dropdown. Pearson Access creates multiple sessions
    Pearson AccessDec 01, 2020
  8. Base User Roles

    Courses page and course details View their classes View student details of students in their classes View test list, test details, and associated forms Preview interim test forms Import/export data for pinned organizations Hand score interim test responses View and download reports For all students in their school: View
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  9. PNP Accommodations

    Varies by program Accommodations are provided for students either through a form or test assignment. Formcontrolled A separate form controls each accommodation; therefore, students assigned the same accommodation receive different forms. If a student test assignment includes a formbased accommodation
  10. Delete a Session

    On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ You can delete a session to remove the virtual student grouping assigned to test at the same time. This deletes test data for completed test administrations. Prerequisites Before you can delete a session, you must first remove all students from the session. If you