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  1. Edit a Session

    edit their session details. PreID Locked indicates that Pearson has created the preID labels for those students in that test session, and you cannot remove those students from the test session. To remove the student, you must void the test attempt. Click Save. You can also add students, access testing materials
    Pearson AccessSep 11, 2020
  2. Import Roster Data

    the previous files, as it contains organization, user, and student data. Assigns each student to a class, and users with one of the following roles to classes … with the Students, Users, Classes, Courses, Districts or Schools tabs. Tabs vary by project. Export relevant data from your student management system. In the main menu
    Pearson AccessFeb 03, 2021
  3. Delete a Group

    On this page: General Information ♦ Prerequisites ♦ ♦ You can delete a group to remove the virtual student grouping assigned to a group. This deletes test data for completed test administrations. Prerequisites Before you can delete a group, you must first remove all student tests from the group. StepbyStep
  4. Network Requirements and Guidelines

    off students’ mobile devices to avoid potential interference during testing. Before the Sign in and preparation phase: Ask classrooms to stagger logins to minimize initial loading time. For example, in a class of 30 students, the proctor can have 10 students log in each minute, decreasing the strain on the network
    TestNav 8May 11, 2021
  5. Access Item Analysis Reports

    of possible points. 7f You can click the Class Breakdown icon (PAclassicon.png) to view students included in that percentage. 7g You can click View Item to see … . 7d Indicates points earned out of possible points. 7e Click each Class Breakdown icon (PAclassicon.png) to view students included in that percentage. 7f You can
    Pearson AccessNov 05, 2020
  6. Data File Descriptions

    accommodations determine the forms assigned to the student. Ignore Error Threshold Additional emails Based on the selected test criteria, you can select how you want … Options for Import Files Options for Export Files Enrollment Transfer Import/Export Enrollment transfer lists that include student details and names
  7. Data Field Descriptions

    Student's grade. Teacher Name Teacher to whose class the student is assigned. Some programs name this field Class Name or something similar. The following … fields also may indicate test session assignments, test form assignments, etc. For more information, see Manage Students. Back to the top
  8. PS700s - accoms.csv Errors

    the Customer Code column with the appropriate customer code. PS754 Info: Student accoms subscription deleted No action needed. An accommodation was removed from … with the value that Pearson provided your project. If you don't know the customer code, please contact Pearson. PS721 Error: Record not loaded Student does not exist
    Pearson AccessFeb 03, 2021
  9. PS200s - manifest.csv Errors

    . The (Orgs, Users, Students, Accoms, Classes, Courses) file is missing. The manifest includes a count for one of these files; however, the file is not included … ’ to the appropriate version (1.0, 1.1, etc). PS221 PS226 Error: File Not Loaded Required field, file.(orgs, users, students, classes) is missing. Open the manifest file
    Pearson AccessDec 07, 2020
  10. Alternatives for Accessing Reports

    students with a Ready, Completed, or Marked Complete status. Prerequisites Students must click (or tap) Submit Final Answers in a TestNav test, or an authorized user must mark the student complete in Pearson Access. You must have previously been associated with a student through a class. You cannot access Individual
    Pearson AccessSep 22, 2020