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titleTestNav Tool Details

This table lists the currently available TestNav 8 online tools.


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Four-function Calculator - Provides four functions: addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication.
Five-function Calculator - Provides five functions: addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and square root.

Scientific Calculator - Provides a range of functionality for general math, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics. 
TI Graphing Calculator - Provides a range of functionality for general math, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics, combined with the ability to draw graphs.
TI 108 Basic Calculator - Performs basic arithmetic functions - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
TI30 Scientific Calculator - Four-line scientific calculator for high school math and science
Ruler (1/8" units) - Measures lengths in 1/8" increments.
Ruler (1/4" units) - Measures lengths in 1/4" increments.
Ruler (1 cm units) - Measures lengths in 1 cm increments.
Protractor - Measures angles. The protractor can be dragged and rotated.
Notepad - Allows the student to type notes while testing.
Answer Eliminator - Allows the student to visually eliminate (with a red "x") one or more answers.
Highlighter - Allows the student to choose a color to highlight a word or group of words with a specific color. 
To activate the highlighter, the student can click and drag, double-click, or right-click on a word or section of a word, and then drag to select further words. Then, select the color he or she prefers. 
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